PLANet B - WebQuest challenges for young people to develop their knowledge about climate change

The PLANet B project will develop an in-service training programme for front-line youth professionals to enable them integrate the new Digital Breakout resources into their everyday activities. In-service training will place a significant emphasis on challenge-based education; team based learning and the use of online resources. A key element of the in-service training will be enabling front-line youth workers to deliver the PLANet B climate change education program and develop their own Digital Breakout.

The PLANet B in-service curriculum will include a PLANet B training guideline with an explicit set of Learning Outcomes for each learning unit and a tutor manual, the latter enclosing contents about each Learning Unit subject; what it is, why is it important, relation to other learning units and to the PLANet B Digital Breakouts, assessment framework.

A bespoke compendium of Digital Breakout resources will be scripted, designed and developed. These resources will use an embedded learning approach to build research and critical thinking skills of young people