BEST TRANE - BEST practices for TRaining in Adults Non-formal Education

BEST TRANE aims at providing best practices to trainers in order to prepare them to teach in intergenerational environments and to motivate older learners to take part in non-formal education activities.

The participation in non-formal education of older people aged 55+ is still very weak in Europe. The project aims at filling this gap by offering innovative training models to educators in non-formal centers, through the collection of information, examples of existing good practices and different views on working with older people and involving them in their centers.

Therefore, the objectives of the project are:

  • To provide examples of best practices in adult non-formal education to professional trainers,
  • To increase the knowledge of trainers in non-formal education about seniors’ needs and expectations,
  • To promote intergenerational dynamics.
  • Working with seniors
  • Involving seniors in non-formal education centers
  • Elaborating innovative interactive activities both for seniors and young people
  • Encouraging intergenerational dynamics in non-formal education classes
  • Motivating seniors in attending non-formal education courses