The project will train those in active&health ageing to generate and promote service-learning opportunities while raising awareness about global issues (silver economy and community social services) and to allow that young people, women with low skills, immigrants develop skills for their personal growing and employability as informal silver caregivers or to reskill in rural areas.

To make this possible and besides creating training materials for VET trainers/trainees and informal cares, the project will also build on each country networks called Living labs SILVER CAREGIVERS FORUM addressed to ( health professionals, family caregivers, socio-health services), it could provide services to their local communities while acquiring competences that could contribute to their personal growing, CV improvement or/and future entrance on the labour market, with the purpose of delivering sustainable qualified Jobs.

The project will also design different dissemination strategies and events that will allow to spread its results among different stakeholders related to silver economy and social inclusion for people on risk of exclusion in rural areas.