SAFE YOUTH - The Science of Sexuality Education and Youth Work

SAFE YOUTH focuses on supporting and empowering youth workers combating the social obstacles young people face nowadays, because of their gender, sexual orientation and mental health status and help youth to build resilience and improve their well-being.

This EU perspective will target needs in the participating partner countries, and support the sharing of lessons and experiences from working with youth workers and youth in order to ensure that young people-especially marginalised- are well equipped with the knowledge and the skills required for sharing their opinion concerning their own sexual health rights and interests; have better mental health; and fight stigma and discrimination.

SAFE YOUTH will raise awareness, educate, and support key stakeholders, youth workers and youth (including marginalised youth) throughout Europe regarding the importance of sexuality education, mental health and well- being of youth. The active involvement of youth workers will empower the field of youth work and lead young people to a more socially inclusive environment.