Traces - Supporting youth to manage their digital & social media presence

The Traces Erasmus+ project is aiming to help young people to manage their digital and social media lives, and to harness new opportunities presented to them through social media.

iGuide aims to support low-skilled workers and those in vulnerable employment to develop the core skills necessary to plan and manage their own career.

Digital and social media literacy training is necessary to help young people to make the most out of online opportunities, build skills, careers and relationships in an effective but also safe manner. To achieve this, we will develop a number of digital media resources that will outline the key concepts in digital and social media. These digital literacy resources will be shared on an interactive online platform, where learners can freely access the materials and track the progress of their learning.

Project partners will also work together to create an in-service handbook, that will enhance the continuous professional development of youth workers and youth professionals in the field of digital and social media literacy.